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Before getting started know this: Patola or Pan patola sarees and double ikkat sarees are almost the same and follow the same weaving process. The difference comes in the design pattern. Patola saree’s body design comes with geometric shapes including motifs, whereas Pochampally double double ikkat sarees come with curvy geometric lines with more faded designs in the edges.

To get dressed with Pochampally double ikkat sarees every drape is a story. The Pochampally double ikkat saree body, border, zari, and fabric show the weaver tradition. Double ikkat sarees stand out as one of the best handwoven silk sarees from Pochampally weavers.

At we strive to deliver customers handwoven pure silk double ikkat sarees to your doorstep. We communicate with weavers about saree design, border design, silk thread count, weight, and colors to get the best for the customers. From the Pure silk saree, Cotton silk saree, and ikat cotton Ikat Pattu Sarees, Pochampally Ikat Sarees, Pure Pochampally Silk Sarees, Ikat Kanchi Sarees sarees to the patola sarees and double ikat sarees, our collection of double ikat sarees celebrates the diversity of this enchanting weave.

History Of Double Ikkat Saree

The double ikkat saree origin whispers of ancient grandeur, born in the royal looms of Pochampally village, Bhuvanagiri district, Hyderabad. Later it has spread to nearby villages Putapaka, Ghatuppal, and nearby villages in the Bhuvanagiri and Nalgonda districts of Telangana state.

Each double ikkat saree is a labor of love, handwoven by master artisans who breathe life into cotton & delicate silk threads, transforming them into intricate tapestries of various colors using the tie & dye method. It’s not just a garment, it’s a testament to artistry, a whispered story passed down 3 to 4 generations. 

The rich history of double ikkat sarees dates back to the Indian Independence, in 1947. As silk cultivation and tie and dye usage evolved in Pochampally handloom silk sarees, double ikkat sarees became a fashion staple. With around 50 draping styles and multiple designs of each weave, the design reflects its geographical origin, making double ikkat sarees a symbol of cultural diversity.

Our double ikkat Saree Collection at JRS Handlooms

Our exclusive collection of double ikkat sarees showcases the traditional craftsmanship and timeless elegance of Indian handloom weaves.

Structure and Design

Each saree in our collection is a masterpiece, featuring three distinct parts: the body, pallu, and border. These elements combine in various designs and patterns, resulting in a diverse range of styles:

  • Body Designs: Choose checkered, or adorned with traditional motifs such as peacocks, elephants, forests, argyle designs, temple designs, tortoises, chevron designs, geometric patterns, and intricate floral patterns.
  • Borders: Our sarees come with borders varying in width from 5 to 15 inches. Options include simple single borders, elegant double borders, rich Kanchipuram styles, and ornate temple designs.

Weights and Preferences

Our silk sarees are available in both lightweight and heavyweight options:

  • Lightweight Sarees: Weighing between 600-700 grams, these sarees are preferred for their ease of wear and maintenance, making them an excellent choice for daily use or special occasions.
  • Heavyweight Sarees: Once the norm, these sarees weigh about 1000 grams and harken back to traditional styles cherished decades ago.


Our range of double ikkat sarees is priced from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000, ensuring we cater to a wide spectrum of preferences and budgets.

Pochampally Double Ikat Sarees In Indian Culture

Double ikkat sarees have reached heights with time and become a symbol of elegance and grace, finding their place in Indian culture. You will find these sarees embraced by Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Mollywood actresses on different occasions proudly. 


Numerous Bollywood and regional movies have featured leading ladies adorned in Pochampally double ikkat sarees. 

Cultural Events:

double ikkat sarees take center stage during Telangana cultural festivals, especially during Bhatukkama, Dussehra Navaratri time. They are donned by performers and attendees, celebrating these sarees’ rich heritage and craftsmanship.

Celebrity Affection:

Celebrities in India and globally have embraced the charm of double ikkat sarees. From Tollywood actresses to Bollywood incorporating them into their wardrobes, double ikkat sarees symbolize cross-cultural elegance.

Types Of double ikkat Sarees

All double ikkat sarees are handwoven by the weavers. 

    1. Pochampally double ikkat Sarees
    2. Full zari double ikkat sarees
    3. Double ikkat saree with Kanchi or Kanchipuram zari border
    4. Double ikkat sarees with Kanchivaram zari
    5. double ikkat Pochampally with Zari Kaddi Border Saree

As fashion evolves, new designs continuously emerge in the market, each accompanied by a fresh name. However, many of these innovations are hybrid creations of above, skillfully blending elements of traditional designs and fabrics. This fusion approach allows us to offer unique and modern styles while preserving the rich heritage of classic weaves.

Maintenance Tips Of Double Ikat Saree

Caring for your ikat saree is essential to preserve its beauty and longevity. Silk sarees long for 40-50 years. Here are some valuable tips to ensure your saree stays as stunning as the day you first draped it:


  • Silk sarees should not be washed to maintain their luxurious sheen. Instead, it’s advisable to air them out annually by unfolding and placing them under a sunshade for an hour or two.
  • For any stains on the silk saree, you can give it to a dry cleaning store nearby.


  • Use a low to medium heat setting for ironing to avoid damaging the silk fibers.
  • Before ironing, place a thin cotton cloth over the saree to protect the delicate embroidery.
  • Iron the saree on the reverse side to maintain the intricacy of the zari work.


Ikat cotton sarees require no special storage solutions. It is best to keep them in a cool, dry place, well protected from moisture and humidity to preserve their vibrant colors and delicate fabric.

  • Store your ikat silk saree in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Use muslin or cotton cloth to wrap the saree to allow the fabric to breathe.
  • Avoid hanging silk sarees for extended periods to prevent stretching.

To prevent any unpleasant odors, consider placing naphthalene balls in your wardrobe to keep your double ikkat silk sarees fresh and fragrant.

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