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To get dressed with patola sarees every drape is a story. The patola saree body, border, zari, and fabric show the weaver tradition. Patola sarees are also called as patan patola sarees.

At JRS Handlooms we strive to deliver high-quality patola sarees to your doorstep. With weavers, we communicate the saree body and border design, silk type and thread count, weight, and colors to get out the trending designs. From the Pure silk saree, Sico sarees, Ikkat Pattu Sarees,Pure Pochampally Ikat sico sarees, Kanchi border Pochampally Silk Sarees, to the Patola sarees and Double ikat sarees, our collection of Pochampally silk sarees celebrates the diversity of this enchanting weave.
The History Of Ikat Patola Sarees
The patola sarees are weaved in multiple villages and towns of India. Here are the locations where patola sarees are made

Gujrat is famous for weaving complexed patola sarees. Rajkot patola sarees from Gujrat are very predominant. 

Every patola saree is a labor of love, handwoven by master artisans who breathe life into delicate silk threads, transforming them into intricate tapestries of various colors using tie & dye process. It’s not just a garment, it’s a testament to artistry, a whispered story passed down many generations. 

Patola sarees became a fashion staple. With multiple designs in each weave and blurred edges, the design reflects its geographical origin, making patola sarees a symbol of cultural diversity. 
Our Offerings In Ikat Patola Sarees
At jrshandlooms.com, our specially designed patola silk saree collection celebrates weaver’s craftsmanship, tradition, and timeless beauty.

In patola fabric, the weft yarn and warp yarn both undergo the tie and dye process. So the arrangement varies on the handloom. Patola weaving handloom is a complex and larger than normal handloom. This is because of the addition of dyed weft. The weft and warp yarn should align perpendicularly to create a unique geometric or floral pattern. In order to make this weaver needs to be precise and time-consuming process.
Ikat Patola Sarees Structure and Design
Each saree in our collection is a masterpiece, with three parts: the body, pallu, and border. These elements combine in various designs and patterns, resulting in a diverse range of saree styles:

Body Designs: Adorned with traditional motifs such as peacocks, elephants, forests, argyle designs, temple designs, tortoises, chevron designs, geometric patterns, Southampton, honeycomb, batik and intricate floral patterns.
Borders: Patola sarees come with borders varying in width of 5 inches. Options include simple single borders, rich Kanchipuram (Kanchi) border, Paithani border, Gota patti, Zari border and kaddi border.

Ikat Patola Sarees Pricing
Our range of Pochamapally silk sarees is priced from ₹10,000 to ₹100,000, ensuring we cater to a wide spectrum of preferences and budgets.
Ikat Patola Sarees Price List 


Pochamaplly Ikkat Single Colored Pink Patola Pattu Saree With Gold Tissue Border

Pochampally Ikkat Blue Patola Saree With Silver Tissue Border

Pochampally Ikkat Dark Blue Patola Pattu Saree With Silver Tissue Border

Pochampally Ikkat Grey Silk Saree With Blue Border

Pochampally Ikkat Blue Patola Saree With Yellow Border

Pochampally Ikkat Green Patola Saree With Pink Border

Pochampally Ikkat Purple Patola Pattu Saree With Pink Tissue Border

Pochampally Ikkat Yellow Patola Pattu Saree With Green Tissue Border

Pochampally Ikkat Sea Blue Patola Pattu Saree With Pink Tissue Border

Pochampally Ikkat Orange Patola Saree With Green Border

Types Of Ikkat Patola Silk Sarees
Patola fabrics are crafted through the traditional Tie and Dye technique. Now let’s discuss types of patola Silk sarees.

Pochampally Ikkat Patola Sarees
Patan Ka Patola
Rajkot Patola Sarees
Banarasi Patola Printed Sarees

How To Style Patola Sarees For Different Occasions
Styling women with the  patola saree for various occasions:

– Family Events:

You can style the Pochampally ikkat patola sarees for family events. It looks very good, traditional and vibrant. For family events, you can choose patola sarees with kanchi border and kaddi border sarees. Saree colors are minimal in patola sarees.

– Weddings:

You can go with patola sarees as these look elegant, rich and premium.
Care And Maintenance Tips Of Pochampally Saree
Caring for your patola saree is essential to preserve its beauty and longevity. Silk sarees lasts for 40-50 years on careful usage. Here are some valuable tips to ensure your saree stays as stunning as the day you first draped it:

Washing: Silk sarees should not be washed to maintain their luxurious sheen. Instead, it’s advisable to air them out annually by unfolding and placing them under a sunshade for an hour or two. 

For any stains on the silk saree, you can give it to a dry cleaning store nearby.


Use a low to medium heat setting for ironing to avoid damaging the silk fibers.
Before ironing, place a thin cotton cloth over the saree to protect the delicate embroidery.
Iron the saree on the reverse side to maintain the intricacy of the zari work.


Store your Pochampally silk saree in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Use muslin or cotton cloth to wrap the saree to allow the fabric to breathe.
Avoid hanging Pochampally silk sarees for extended periods to prevent stretching.

Why Choose JRS Handlooms for Ikat Patola Sarees?

We source directly from the weavers, ensuring you receive high-quality original Patola saree woven with love and tradition.


We offer all types of Patola silk sarees. In any case, we are out of stock. We will make our weavers weave within a week and deliver.


We believe in making heritage accessible, offering designer Patola sarees at the best price in India.


Relax and let us bring the magic of Patola sarees to your doorstep with secure and reliable shipping.

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